Sep 20, 2012
APF Donation  
  Pictured: Russell Fairweather, the Director of the APF, presenting Dr Ann McCormack with this wonderful donation. Kathryn Skelsey, a current member (and previous committee member) of the Australian Pituitary Foundation (APF) lives with the effects of Cushing’s Disease. On Sunday 12th August 2012 she keenly participated in the City2Surf fun-run with her partner Peter's...
What pituitary tumours may tell us about the biology of other cancers.  
MEDIA RELEASE: 27 Jul 2012.   Expression levels of a DNA repair gene called MGMT have been widely studied across many cancers as a biomarker of response to temozolomide, a chemotherapeutic agent. Now Australian scientists have published findings suggesting MGMT may also play a significant role in tumour progression. Previous work by the same group showed that MGMT was expressed at...
Launch of the new website !  
This website will be a valuable tool in providing information to patients and their families with pituitary disorders.


Donations are vital to continue our research into understanding pituitary disorders. No matter how large or small the donation- your contribution is most welcome!



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